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Prisan Technology Offerings

Prisan Technology  is an expert provider of innovative solutions in Following core areas:  

Technology Solutions : Services & Support
  • Advanced , Innovative system’s & Solutions  
  • Solutions on Information & Communication ( ICT )
  • Security Solutions
  • Office & Home Automation 
  • Internet Of Things ( IOT )
  • Power & Energy Solutions
  • Business process out sourcing
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing   
  • Managed Services  
  • Project Management 
  • Deployment & Installation 
  • Customer Care  

 Advanced Systems & ICT  Solutions

We can offer best ,Innovative and state of art     Technology   solutions to meet your business    needs and        challenges Our solutions will help you to be  focused on your   core business also to  improve your profitability increase efficiancy and reduce operational expenses and run latest advanced system with low cost

Security  solutions   

X-ray image interpretation with OTS online  specifically developed to provide further training for aviation security screener's, serves to maintain & improve the detection skills of the staff involved in Airport Cargo passenger screening airline, seaport,  regulated agents supplier authority metros malls 

Home & Office automation

We offer quality & affordable solutions for your business we provide the right product after evaluating your business needs & requirements we offer wide range of solution including hardware and software we also cover home security , connectivity remote monitoring and managing the system




B.P.O & K.P.O 

By using our BPO & KPO  Services Offload  and  reduce your internal  process. Remove  your Capital expenditure and  reduce your operational expenses We offer our services  in different areas  call centers , Back office, CA services, data entry, security monitoring remote support, remote security watch  etc

Managed Services 

Your   cost of   maintaining   Internal Infrastructures   IT ,  communication , ERP , CRM  office automation related products  can be  reduced drastically by availing our services we can provide cost effective managed services  including deployment.  . 

Service & Support 

Once Products and solutions are deployed maintaining the same would be continued expense head  and also requires investment on man power training   and spare parts our services will help you to cut down on operational expenses  and have peace of mind